Shawn Cunningham | Mrs. New England American Coronet 2016State Queen Awards

Each state queen accepted to the American Coronet national pageant receives their state title, our official custom state crown, and high quality satin banner.

Delegates are encourage to make public appearances in their crown and banner and agree to submit a photo in their regalia to the national pageant for use online and in promotional materials.



Official National Prize Package

nationalACPsashThe contestant in each age division with the highest cumulative score mandatory categories will be awarded:

  • Her Division’s National Title & Reign for 1 Year
    👑 Little Miss American Coronet NEW
    👑 Miss Teen American Coronet
    👑 Miss American Coronet
    👑 Ms. American Coronet
    👑 Mrs. American Coronet
    👑 Ms. Classic American Coronet
  • Satin Embroidered Banner
  • Custom crown
  • Free entry to the Photogenic Miss online photo pageant 

Current & former National Queens can are eligible to compete again once they qualify for a different age division or after 3 years have passed since their national reign has ended. 

Additional National Awards

We offer additional National awards at no additional cost.  Everything is included in our single national entry fee; there are no additional fees to be eligible for additional awards.

  • Presidential Volunteer Service Awards
    These awards come from the White House!  We are an official Certifying Organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards and offer these prestigious awards to all reigning state and national queens for her year and/or lifetime of service.  Read More >>
  • Best Essay
    The Best Essay award is selected by our judges based on the essay from our required national competition category that touched or inspired them the most.  Judges are asked to nominate their favorite essay for Best Essay and any tie will be awarded to the highest scoring essay.
  • Leadership Award
    The Leadership Award is given to the contestant who displays the most outstanding leadership experience qualities over her lifetime (with age taken into consideration).  Judges are asked to nominate their favorite state queen for the Leadership Award and any tie will be awarded to the highest scoring contestant.
  • Best Commercial
    This optional competition is open to any contestants who submit a 30-90 second video uploaded to YouTube or uploaded via a provide DropBox link promoting the Miss American Coronet pageant.  The video must contain the words “American Coronet Pageant” and the web address “www.MissAmericanCoronet” at some point in the video.  Show your crown & banner, share why you love the pageant, feature your appearances, promote your title… anything goes.  Your commercial may be featured on our website, social media, and more!  Instructions for submitting your commercial will be available in your “My Account” tab once registered.