Areas of Competition

Judging Criteria & Scoring

In the original American Coronet Pageant, contestants submitted portfolios containing all of their documentation to be scored by the judges.  Now, we have a new, high-tech a online submission process which allows contestants to submit photos and documentation online.  Contestants must have access to digital photographs and/or a scanner to submit their digital portfolios & must have basic understanding of logging on and maintaining an online account.  Now that judging is electronic, we can now have judges from across the country participate.

At Miss American Coronet, we are looking for a well-rounded renaissance woman who takes pride in herself and her community.  She should work hard both bettering herself and making a difference in areas she is passionate about.  She should have beauty in mind and spirit.  Judges from around the country will score online submissions available to registered delegates in the following categories.  Cumulative scores will determine the title winners and high scores in individual categories can earn contestants additional awards.


Mandatory Areas of Competition

  • Resume (10%) – Prepare a resume listing academic achievements, extra-curricular involvements, program participations, career details, etc.  Be sure to highlight everything that makes you you.  Younger contestants should list any programs or athletics they are involved with including Mommy & Me classes.  This area is a great introduction so include what sets you apart.  Think quality over quantity.
  • Photogenic (15%) – Select two recent color or black & white photograph showcasing your personality.  Professional photographs are not required, but typically score well.  We recommend one headshot and one 3/4-to-full-length shot.
  • Community Service & Involvement (15%) – What organizations have you been involved with?  Do you like to volunteer?  Let us know how you are involved in your community.
  • Talents & Skills (10%) – What are your passions & special talents?  Are you an artist?  An Athlete?  An author?  Showcase your unique abilities.
  • Leadership (10%) – List any opportunities you’ve had to lead any group large or small.  Include leadership in school, your career, sports teams, etc.
  • Academics (10%) – Where do/did you attend school?  What extracurricular activities are/were important to you?  Submit any report cards, transcripts, diplomas, or other awards.
  • 3 Essays (10% each) – Contestants will be given 3 essay questions to answer in 350 words or less and will be scored for each essay based on thoughtfulness, honesty, and quality.  Contestants will be given age-appropriate essay questions based on their division.  Little Miss contestants may receive help as needed with the reading and writing, but the content must be her own.  All other contestants must write their essays independently.

Registered delegates will login to the website and complete their Judging Profiles.  Text areas, image uploads, document uploads, and Youtube & Vimeo link areas will be provided.  If additional spaces are needed, a contestant may email the Director to request additional space.  It is recommended that you complete these submissions in a Word or Cloud document first, then copy/paste or save as a PDF & upload.  Judges will be able to view and score all materials uploaded to contestant profiles.  Winner’s photos & videos may be shared by the director, but transcripts, resumes, and other materials will remain confidential unless otherwise noted.

Optional Competitions

All optional competitions will be scored after scores are recorded and received for mandatory competitions.  Participation has no bearing on the outcome of the queens title competitions.

For more on additional titles & awards, see Awards.