My Payments


Would you like to make a payment today?
Use this link to pay any amount and it will be credited towards your upcoming payments.


  • Your state banner will be ordered once at least $100 (plus and banner upgrades such as adding your name to your banner since these fees go straight to our vendor without any markup) is received including your initial deposit.  If you are having your name added to your state banner, you will need to have at least $110 paid towards your balance.
  • Please allow 4 weeks from the time your banner is ordered for your state regalia to arrive.  Each banner is made to order, then ships to our office along with other state banners, then is shipped to you with your state crown.  We do our best to many any accommodations for appearances (email to let us know), but please keep this timeline in mind before booking appearances.
  • You will receive an email when your next payment is due.  Your payment dates are scheduled based on your preference when you registered for the pageant, but can be changed.  Please email if you need to reschedule or adjust your payment plan.
  • All payments are due by April 20th without exception.  We recommend making payments as early as possible in case something comes up.  If you have a balance after April 20th, you will not be eligible for National Awards and your Portfolio will not be sent for judging.