Rules & Regulations

State/Regional Titleholder Agreement

American Coronet Pageant titleholders & delegates represent a system based on good character, honest values, and high achievement.  You will be serving as a role model as well as am ambassador for the American Coronet Pageant program.  Each participant is expected to hold herself in a high standard of conduct and is responsible for the following obligations.  By entering the American Coronet pageant, you agree with and understand the following.

  • Enter the age division on which you qualify as of January 1st at the beginning of the year in which you will compete at the national level:
    • Little Miss – Age 12 & under
    • Teen – Age 13-18
    • Miss – Age 19-30 (never married + no children)
    • Mrs. – Age 18+ (married)
    • Ms – Age 19-30 (widowed/divorced/has children),
      31-49 (never or not currently married)
      *If you qualify for Miss, Mrs., or Mrs. Classic, you are not eligible for Ms
    • Ms. Classic – Age 50+ (any marital status)
  • Meet our Eligibility Requirements
  • Submit a recent headshot within 15 days to be displayed on our website, your public profile on our website, on social media, advertisements, and other outlets
  • Submit a crown and banner photo within 3o days of receiving your crown & banner (does not need to be professional) to be displayed on our website, your public profile on our website, on social media, advertisements, and other outlets
  • Not hold another title or commitment that prevents you from competing in the Miss American Coronet Pageant
  • Be willing & able to create & maintain an account on with the basic technical knowledge necessary to create and/or upload images, documents, and/or links to an online account
  • Always dress appropriately and modestly while wearing your crown and banner.
  • American Coronet crown and banners are not to be worn with any other crown or banner.
  • Titleholders may compete in other events and pageants at their digression.  Should another title or responsibility interfere with her responsibilities to American Coronet, titleholders are responsible for returning their crown and banner or covering the cost of a replacement to be sent to her 1st runner-up.
  • Upon the end of your reign, you may still wear your banner only in public, but should never wear your crown.
  • Refrain from smoking, drinking, and any illegal activities while wearing our crown and/or banner or representing the American Coronet system.
  • Use social media responsibly as postings or pictures will also reflect upon the American Coronet Pageant.
  • Social Media Requirements:
    • If you create and/or maintain any social media page to document your reign, be sure that your title is listed correctly and that you are publishing only American Coronet pageant related photos and postings.
    • Facebook Pages for National Queens will be jointly maintained by the National Director and the reigning National Queen.  National Queens will have access to maintain the page while reigning and the page will pass to the next titleholder at the end of a National Queen’s reign.
  • Participate in at least one community event or appearance and send photographs and other documentation to your Director.
  • All contestants must have access to a digital camera and/or scanner to submit photographs and documentation for online judging.
  • Authorize the American Coronet pageant to use your photos and likeness online and in print.

By submitting an entry form and entry fee, you agree to abide by these rules and regulations.  Any titleholder unable to uphold this agreement may be stripped of her title at the Director’s discretion.