2021 World Humanitarian Day

A queen’s job is never done and honestly, even when you retire from competition, you always remember your queen-training and stay in the “role model” lifestyle. It is like being a Humanitarian for the rest of your life. Today, August 19, 2021, is World Humanitarian Day, which is a global celebration of people helping people. It is intended to raise public awareness of humanitarian assistance worldwide.

This day was designated in memory of the 19 August 2003 bomb attack on the Canal Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq, killing 22 people, including the chief humanitarian in Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello. In 2009, the United Nations General Assembly formalized the day as World Humanitarian Day (WHD).

Each year, WHD focuses on a theme, bringing together partners from across the humanitarian system to advocate for the survival, well-being and dignity of people affected by crises, and for the safety and security of aid workers. This year, we highlight climate crisis. Since November 2018, I have been educating and raising awareness on recycling, conservation, and sustainability with my personal platform “Save the World.” In my “Think Global, Act Local” project I was able to reach people on all seven continents (Yes, even Antarctica!) inspiring them to participate in an eco-friendly act of service for our planet. I made tons of new connections and learned even more from others around the globe in how they live sustainable lives and what their country does to help our planet.

Today, I walked around the LSU lakes to see about picking up any trash & litter. I did find a spot under the interstate that needed a Superhero and I quickly jumped into action! After about 25 minutes, the area was clean and I got to finish my walk and even saw some ducks! When I made it home, I was able to checks on some of my flowers & plants. Keeping lots of flowers and greenery is important for the pollinators but also for our planet!

Cleaning LSU Lakes Park
Cleaning LSU Lakes Park
Doing some gardening
Doing some gardening
Doing some gardening

Some ideas you can do in your community to help the climate crisis include:

1. Use your car less. Try biking or walking instead!
2. Eat meats less. Pick a day (or a couple of days) that you do not eat meat.
3. Use more energy-efficient appliances. It not only helps save you money on your electric bill but it also helps our planet!
4. Switch to reusable items instead of single-use products. Reusable bottles, straws, cutlery, shopping bags, napkins, food containers, and more!
5. Plant more trees, bushes, flowers and do your part to help the pollinators!
6. Pick up any trash & litter you see when out and about. You can also take some time to clean up a park, roadway, or even your school.
7. Practice the 5 R’s: Refuse single use plastics. Reuse. Repurpose what you can. Reduce your waste. Recycle.

You can see more of my superhero training videos on various topics on my YouTube channel https://youtube.com/channel/UClX5YC6uVJC3asbveXyUnAw

You can also be a good humanitarian through out the year just by extending kindness and help those in need. In addition to cleaning a park, I also put positive & encouraging Post-It notes on my neighbors doors. It was fun and super easy!

Writing positive Post-It Notes
Writing positive Post-It Notes
Writing positive Post-It Notes
Writing positive Post-It Notes


You can add that to the list of service projects you can do at school or at work! The American Coronet Pageant has a great calendar of ideas to help you volunteer in your community! Simple everyday tasks can also be great service projects. You can clean out your closets and donate clothes to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. You can pick up a few extra non-perishable items when you’re at the grocery store and donate to the local food bank. You can even bring extra towels & blankets to donate to your local vet or animal shelter. Next time you’re out working in your yard, how about offer a neighbor to help them do yard-work, especially if they are elderly or have special needs.

The more you do to help out others in your community the more you can change the world and make a difference. That is what it takes to be a good humanitarian!

You can also sharpen your Superhero skills and become a Protector of the Planet, just like me! Together, we can Save the World!

Thank you for reading and check back for my next blog!

– Erin Husbands, 2022 Mrs. American Coronet
Facebook: Erin Husbands
IG / Twitter: @erinhusbands

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