A Day of Remembrance

On this date 19 years ago the world as everyone knew it changed forever. 343 firefighters, 8 EMS Personal, 71 Law Enforcement officers, and 2,135 Civilians never made it home that night and many other have passed since due to illness linked to that day. We’ve learned to take each moment for the special time that it is. You learn to love your family and love ones like it’s your last time because life changes in a since moment. Take this time to remember those who passed and love those who are still here like there is no tomorrow.

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  1. We should never forget the sight of emt and firefighters and police running toward the towers while people were getting away in the opposite direction. What was going through their minds: is there more, will I be going home when this is over, but just let me help.
    They are our true hero s everyday.