About American Coronet

The American Coronet pageant was founded in 2002 as an alternative to the pricey pageants full of hidden expenses with a focus on outer beauty. American Coronet values community service and achievement aspects of pageantry over the hotel ballrooms and hairspray.

American Coronet delegates compete in areas of competition demonstrating character and community involvement. The pageant is held 100% online through electronic submissions with no travel, wardrobe, admissions, or other expenses.

How it Works

After entering, each national contestant will receive an appointed title (first-come, first-serve so enter early to get your state!). State crowns and banners are available to each state queens once their entry fee is paid in full. She is encouraged to make appearances and use her title to promote her platform in her community. There are no hidden fees or extra costs to be eligible for extra awards.

Delegates compete online and are scored on Resume, Photogenic, Community Involvement, Leadership, and with 3 essays. Our competition is held 100% online through a portfolio system where delegates submit their materials through out website which accepts rich text copy/pasted in or typed directly, photo uploads, document uploads, and video links. The delegates may edit their portfolios up to the entry deadline (April 30th), at which portfolios are sent to judges for scoring. You can see an example of what a Judging Portfolio looks like here.

1. a crown worn by nobles or peers.
2. a crownlike ornament for the head, as of gold or jewels.
Our crowns were designed with beauty and function in mind. They are designed to be cherished and worn; practical for both appearances and treasuring for years to come. Its wearer is the true jewel.

How it Works

☆ Tiny Miss – Age 0-6 NEW!
☆ Little Miss – Age 7-12

☆ Teen – Age 13-18
☆ Miss – Age 19-30 (unmarried)
☆ Mrs – Age 18-49 (married)
☆ Ms – Age 31-49 (unmarried)
☆ Ms. Classic – Age 50+ (any marital status)

Areas of Competition

Resume (10%)
Prepare a resume listing academic achievements, extra-curricular involvements, program participations, career details, etc. Be sure to highlight everything that makes you you. Younger contestants should list any programs or athletics they are involved with including Mommy & Me classes. This area is a great introduction so include what sets you apart. Think quality over quantity.

Photogenic (15%)
Select two recent color or black & white photograph showcasing your personality. Professional photographs are not required, but typically score well. We recommend one headshot and one 3/4-to-full-length shot.

Community Service & Involvement (15%)
What organizations have you been involved with? Do you like to volunteer? Let us know how you are involved in your community.

Talents & Skills (10%)
What are your passions & special talents? Are you an artist? An Athlete? An author? Showcase your unique abilities.

Leadership (10%)
List any opportunities you’ve had to lead any group large or small. Include leadership in school, your career, sports teams, etc.

Academics (10%)
Where do/did you attend school? What extracurricular activities are/were important to you? Submit any report cards, transcripts, diplomas, or other awards.

3 Essays (10% each)
Contestants will be given 3 essay questions to answer in 350 words or less and will be scored for each essay based on thoughtfulness, honesty, and quality. Contestants will be given age-appropriate essay questions based on their division. Little Miss contestants may receive help as needed with the reading and writing, but the content must be her own. All other contestants must write their essays independently.


State Queens

Each state queen in good standing with the American Coronet national pageant receives their state title, and is eligible to receive our exclusive official state crown, and high quality satin banner. Crowns and banners are not required and we do offer affordable t-shirts as an alternative to the budget-conscious. Please note that when representing American Coronet, only official American Coronet crowns and banners may be worn if you choose to wear them.

☆ State title for 1+ Year*
☆ Official Annual Collector Pin
☆ Official “State Queen” Ribbon Banner
☆ Official State Crown**
☆ Official Embroidered State Title Banner**
☆ Access to our online community along with her own royalty mini site

*A state queen’s reign begins the day her registration fee is received and continues through 1 year or December 31st of her title year (whichever comes last).
**State queens are responsible for the cost of their state crown & banner as these are not required for participation in our national program.

National Queens

The national contestant in each age division who receives the highest cumulative score from our judges will become one of our national queens for the year. Along with her prestigious title, she will be awarded an amazing prize package.

☆ Our exclusive, official national crown
☆ Official rhinestone trimmed satin embroidered sash
☆ Title for one year
☆ Award Medal
☆ Annual titleholder collector pin
☆ $50 towards a custom illustration by Ellie L. Illustrations
☆ A free entry to Photogenic Miss
☆ One year membership to Alpha Chi Pi

Interested in sponsoring a prize? Get in touch!

State Queens

In addition to our national titles, we also offer achievement awards at no additional expense. A contestant must be in good standing with completed balances to be eligible.

Overall High Score in Each of Our 7 Categories:
☆ Award Plaque

Age Division High Score in Each of Our 7 Categories:
☆ Award Medal

Top National Finalist:
☆ Award Medal
☆ $50 towards a custom illustration by Ellie L. Illustrations
☆ A half price entry to A free entry to Photogenic Miss
☆ 3 month membership to Alpha Chi Pi

Awards may vary from year to year based on vendor availability.

Service Awards

We are a Certifying Organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service awards. All current state and national queens in good standing are invited to log and submit volunteer hours for Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. American Coronet certifies state queen’s hours and presents awards earned along with any other awards earned at the national pageant. These awards are based on hours logged and are not scored by judges. Reigning state and national queens are eligible. Those who quality will receive:

☆ Gold, Silver, or Bronze Pin
☆ Award Certificate
☆ A congratulatory letter signed by the President of the United States

Current for our 2021 awards season. In 2022, we will still be offering PVSA awards, but in a new format.

Please note that PVSA awards depend on availability from Points of Light. If an award is unavailable, it bay be delayed or substituted.

Thank You to Our Sponsors