ACP is so much more than a pageant!

People think pageants just consist of pretty dresses and crowns, but it’s so much more. The crown is a representation of kindness and support with everything you do! Kindness for others and anyone in need, support for your community and doing your best to make a difference. Being a person who wants to inspire others to stand up and be the best person they can! This pageant pushes all contestants to achieve the highest level of self esteem! It’s all about leadership, academics, community service, and preparing young ladies for success! I couldn’t have been more fortunate to represent my beautiful state of Arizona and continue on to represent ACP as the National Little Miss 2021! Blessed, thankful and proud to wear this crown and all it stands for!

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  1. Hello Alexxandra,

    I wholeheartedly agree with you! ACP is so much more than a pageant, and there is so much more to being a pageant queen than physical appearance. It’s about an all encompassing form of beauty that begins with the heart and radiates outward and touches the hearts of those she encounters.

    Thank you for your wonderful post, and being the amazing person you are!

    Much love,

    Ms. American Coronet