Our press release template has been updated!  See our Press Release here: https://missamericancoronet.com/press-release/

Get the word out that there’s royalty in the community!

On your social media, post a link to your profile!  Tag us and we may share it on our social media.  Here’s an idea of what you could post along with the link:

“I’m so excited to announce that I’m representing [Your State] as your new [American Coronet Title, i.e. Miss Texas American Coronet]!  Come see my Royalty Profile and follow along with my reign as I join other outstanding state queens from around the country in making the world a better place one community project and leadership opportunity at a time.”

Use our Press Release Template.  Fill in your information and get a great picture (outside in shaded natural light works best).  You are welcome to personalize your press release with details about what you do in your community and any additional information about yourself (are you an athlete? a musician?).  Include links to Miss American Coronet as well as other organizations mentioned.  Look for the Editor’s contact information on websites for your local newspapers & magazines as well as News Directors of local radio & TV stations.  Even think about local Mom’s Blogs, neighborhood newsletters, and school publications.  Check to see if they have any specific submission guidelines.  In general, copy & paste your press release into emails or upload your press release through any online submission process in place.  Follow up with a phone call or email to see if your submission was received and offer further assistance if needed.

Your best chance of being featured is to focus on smaller, more local publications.  When submitting, it’s best to email one contact at a time rather than sending to multiple sources in one email.    Send us a photo, scan, or link if you’re featured!

As always, I’m here to help!

National Coordinator