Back to School

It’s Back to School time!

I have been collecting school supplies for the past few weeks.

Thanks to my community I was able to collect…

  • 1,283 pencils
  • 464 glue sticks
  • 200 expo markers
  • 191 notebooks
  • 90 yellow highlighters
  • 186 boxes of crayons
  • 46 boxes of colored pencils
  • 20 erasers
  • 47 paper towels
  • 66 packages of clorox wipes
  • 10 16.9oz bottles of sanatizer
  • 74 8oz. bottles of sanatizer
  • 201 2oz. bottles of sanatizer

On Saturday, I met up with an organization I love working with called The Page That Gives. At this event kids were able to get free haircuts, school pictures, including pictures with some fun characters, then pick up their school supplies. We had over 150 kids come. It was so fun being able to help them. We even had enough supplies left over to help two local schools. How awesome is that!

Good luck to all of you going back to school. I wish you the best of luck for a wonderful year!




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  1. Omg its so funny I qas writting up a blog post about school supplies when I saw yours- great minds think alike! Congratulations on the awesome work!