Balancing Out My Days

Quarantine seems to have taken a toll on everything, but I refuse to let it take a toll on my spirit! Online classes have given my family the opportunity to grow closer, and I am thankful for that much. I know it’s hard to stay calm and relaxed about everything that is going on right now, as well as trying to have a normal routine. That is why I would like to share how I balance everything in my day, from workouts, to school, to work, and play. In the morning/early afternoon I always finish schoolwork. I like to workout in the afternoon (it’s when I’m most ready and awake haha). After that, I usually reserve family time for early evening and night. It is important to make sure you are keeping up with your responsibilities, as well as making sure you add some fun into the mix. I wish you all of you the best! Stay safe <3

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