Be kind and forgiving to yourself!

Be kind and forgiving to yourself

    June marks the end of school for many and that means tests. Finals, AP tests and even some state’s standardized educational tests such as NYS’ reagents. But what everyone has in common is that it is very easy to be hard on yourself. Thinking that you coud have done better, studied harder, went to bed earlier, regreting or rather wonder if you should have choosen choice A instead of B, the ist goes on. There is always the what ifs and not just in tests, but in life. What matters is that you did take it. It’s easy to skipout and runaway  but you didn’t. And for that you should be kind to yourself, be forgiving to yourself. Be PROUD of yourself.
Tests regardless of the type can be stressful. Some people don’t test well,  some people do and everyone has bad days and yes those bad days can happen on test days. So be kind to yourself and remember the sun will still up in the morning. (Unless you live somwhere where it’s dark a few months out of the year, but the sun is still rising somewhere!)
     Keep on keeping on

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