Be Kind!

Last week, my family and I experienced the unexpected passing of a close relative and had to drive from Michigan to Wisconsin this past weekend for the funeral. During all of the sadness, we had made a quick stop at a grocery store to get some snacks to share with the family as we all got together after the funeral to share memories and stories of the wonderful times we have shared with our “Aunt Janet.” It was a complete blizzard the entire day so I chose to stay in the car to keep it running and warm, while my parents ran inside for the few items that we needed. As I was waiting in the car, just listening to the radio, I saw a man come out of the store trying to wheel his cart and himself in his wheelchair at the same time into the at least 4 inches of snow in the parking lot that wasn’t plowed yet. I got out of the car right away and asked if I could help him wheel his cart to his car and then helped put his groceries away. He couldn’t thank me enough! I just think that there are so many things you can be in this world, but if you can be anything, BE KIND because you don’t know what people may be going through or feeling and a simple kind gesture can make their whole self feel better! 🙂

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