Cherishing Cherries! ?

Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone! Northern Michigan is busy as our cherry farmers are at work shaking and processing cherries to be shipped across the state, country and world! This is one of my favorite moments of summer because I love to see people supporting our local businesses and farm markets to keep our area thriving and being able to continue supplying such a sweet super fruit!  Most people do not realize all of the benefits that cherries can give, but don’t worry because I can tell you! Cherries can relieve insomnia and are nature’s melatonin, they help with weight loss, lowers hypertension, prevents cardiovascular diseases, promotes healthy hair and your digestive system and can even help with anti-aging! I don’t know all these facts just because I’m in medical school, but you learn so much by being in an area that is abundant with cherry farmers and their products! Traverse City, Michigan is the Cherry Capital of the World and though cherries are beautiful to take pictures with, make sure you add them into your diet too because they are the superman of fruit and not to mention, super delicious!

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  1. Hi Olivia!

    I love cherries! They are delicious and chock full of antioxidants. I also love your outfit. You look absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing and stay safe.

    Much Love,

    Cherie Poolsiri
    Ms. American Coronet