Cherry Blossom Pictures!

Happy Sunday everyone! My home state of Michigan has an abundance of beauty and one tradition that I love to do every year is take pictures with the cherry blossoms. Northern Michigan and the Traverse City area is the Cherry Capital of the World so everywhere you go right now is miles and miles of cherry trees. We also have the National Cherry Festival every year, which brings in so many people as we celebrate our love of cherries up here, but unfortunately due to the circumstances, it was canceled. No matter what happens, farmers are working tirelessly right now to provide their wonderful and yummy crops and they all are making sure we still get to enjoy their products. I am thankful because I absolutely love fresh, sweet cherries and my mom and I make the best cherry pie you ever could taste! I hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather wherever you are reading this from and stay tuned in a few weeks or so when I post cherry orchard pictures for when the cherries are in their bright red best! ??

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