Clean Up Your Community on Sept 18!

Back in the fall of 2018, I signed up to compete in the Elite Miss Earth USA pageant as Miss Louisiana. The national platform is focused around the Earth and each delegate had to come up with a “Think Global, Act Local” earth project. I developed my “Calling All Superheroes to help #SavetheWorld!” I made bi-weekly “Food for Thought” videos which gave viewers 60 seconds of eco facts and info to be a better super hero. Each month I focused on an Earth topic and centered the ‘Food for Thought’ videos around those topics as well. I called it “Superhero Training” and what started as a local act truly turned global. I eventually recruited 23 countries to participate in my project and had a superhero on all 7 continents. Now, after taking a short break, I am back with my Superhero training efforts to help you become a protector of the planet so together we can Save the World! 

September holds many environmental awareness days but on September 18 it’s one of my favorite days: National Cleanup Day! So here are a few easy ways you can help clean up your communities:

1. Plogging. I know you’ve heard of it and you might have even participated, but for those of you who don’t know: Plogging is when you are out jogging and stop to pick up some trash you might see out in nature. So when you go outdoors for an evening stroll or a 5K run in the early morning, bring a small bag to collect any trash you might see. You can also bring some gloves if you don’t feel comfy picking up trash. Then when your bag gets full just throw it away in the trashcans and BAM – you saved the world!

2. Paddleboard. Yes, you read that right. You can help Save the World by paddle boarding. If you have never done it – first off, it’s SUPER FUN! – and you can collect any trash in the water or along the banks so you can protect the wildlife and marine life. You get a fun outdoor experience, some exercise, and you also get to Save the World. 

3. Sort and Save. I’m sure you have since recycling bins and trash bins super close together at outdoor parks, around the city, at theme parks, at schools, and more places. Now, how many people do you think actually got the “Recycle vs Not Recyclable” correct when they threw away their trash? Chances are … not many. You can help them sort through the recyclables and trash so that items are properly sorted before the recycling center gets a hold of them. Remember not that all recycling centers have the capability to sort items and accept all items properly. It isn’t the most glamorous job, but someone must do it and Save the World!

4. Clean along the roadways. Grab a group of friends, gloves, trash bags, and a good attitude and head out to clean up the roadways. Tons of people throw out trash from their car windows and it’s harmful to the animals and planet. Also, tons of trash fly out of the back of truck beds, also harming the planet and wildlife. So first off, this is completely preventable! Don’t throw trash or food out of your window! And make sure you don’t have loose trash in your truck bed! So now it’s left for us Superheroes to clean up and protect our planet! Take 20-30 mins to clean one area and if your group is good to continue, move down a bit and clean another patch. Congrats, you’ve helped Save the World! 

5. Change your habits! The easiest and most long-term way to help clean up our environment is to change your daily habits that involve single use plastics and other harmful products like straws, Styrofoam, and use eco friendly items. Stop buying water bottles and use a reusable bottle instead! Bring your reusable shopping bags instead of using the plastic grocery bags! How about compost food instead of throwing it out? Or what about not using take out Styrofoam boxes and bring your own reusable food containers from home? Simple small changes will have a longer lasting positive impact on our world so be a superhero for our planet, today!

World Cleanup Day

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– Erin Husbands, 2022 Mrs. American Coronet

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