Coping With COVID-19

We’re sad to see events being canceled all over the nation and world right now. ? While it’s a lot to take in, especially for those at low-risk, experts agree that this is the best way to protect those at high-risk for devastating complications from COVID-19 and our ability to sustain quality healthcare treatment. Our families are also staying home and taking precautions to avoid contracting the virus & infecting any immune compromised community members by minimizing our exposure to those who may be spreading the virus without yet showing symptoms. This is a time to take precautions, but not to panic.
The good news we can share is that since our system is online, we don’t expect any disruption to our event. We welcome any pageant family unable to compete in live pageants to join us for our online nationals.
We are, however, recommending that our state royalty exercise caution when making any appearances or attending any events. If possible, postpone appearances until the CDC, WHO, and officials agree it is safe to do so. Our concern is not only for our state royalty who may be in low-risk groups, but for those they may inadvertently spread an infection to who could potentially develop life-threatening complications. This is an important way to help support your community, and supporting your community is an important part of the American Coronet Pageant System.  Unlike the Flu & Measles, we do not have the luxury of a preventative vaccine to help protect our communities which is why fear is running rampant.  While other diseases are much more deadly, the fact that this one is new makes the issue of spread very concerning.  Remember to keep a level head and take Fred Roger’s advice: look for the helpers.  Better yet, BE one of the helpers by avoiding panic shopping, offering to deliver necessities to elderly and high-risk friends, family, & neighbors, and be respectful of others.
If you are looking to share some good information about COVID-19, we have some suggestions:
Article on why we are closing schools & canceling events:

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