Crafts for a Cause

Having this extra time away from work means that I can focus a little more on the causes that mean a lot to me. I am an advocate for the fight against human trafficking.  I also really enjoy crafts. What better way to spread awareness for this cause and raise money for it, than to share my love of crafts with others? Crafts For a Cause is a project that I have been working on for over a year now. I started off by crocheting caps in various styles and colors,  with some custom made as requested. Soon I’ll be adding other handmade items, and will try to offer interesting and unique things that are always made with care and attention. Proceeds will go to the, a United States based organization, and Urban-light.Org, an organization based in Thailand.

Right now I offer these on my personal website, but am working on setting up a shopify store to make things easier and more convenient.

Here is the link:

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