Dont forget sunscreen this weekend!

This weekend you may or may not be going outside  and <span;>congregating<span;> <span;>with people to celebrate the unofficial start on summer. But, if you are going outside remember to apply sunscreen, everywhere.
<span;>People often forget sunscreen but it is one of the most important things you can do. Why? Well besides avoiding  a sunburn and uneven tan lines the MOST IMPORTANT  function if sunscreen is that It can help prevent skin cancer, in fact I was told by a doctor it can prevent skin cancer.  It is probably  one of the easiest things you can do to help avoid a cancer. There are numerous sun screens out there for various skin types, with and without scent as well as diffrent application types. I was told once that dun screen should be applied every time you leave the house.  Regardless if you believe it can help or will help avoid skin scancer it definitely helps you avoid sun burns, early again and uneven tan lines.  So any way you look at it, it is a win-win-win.
<span;>     This weekend is one ofthe first major holidays that bring together people regardless of religion which mean many may wish to enjoy festivities while being socially distancing. This past year and a half has really shown how interconnected we are all. Some may wish to socially distance due to family members who they live with who are extremely <span;>susceptible to getting sick or haven’t been able to take to the full vaccine due to allergic reactions from the first shot. It really is amazing how one person can affect another person’s yet Memorial Day remembers a majority  of people whose stories we never knew and will never know who gave thier lives for freedom and to protect the freedom of the USA.

<span;>Be healthy, Stay healthy, and help the health of others
<span;>Happy Friday,
<span;>Miss American Coronet

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