Feeling grateful!

Hello ya’ll as some of you know our area of Arkansas was hit with many tornado’s and now severe flooding. I am feeling so grateful to our local corp of engineers for their hard work to manage the Arkansas River, it was up over 25 feet above flood level. Many many people are still affected by this flooding and we are expecting another 9 inches of rain this week alone, so we are watching the weather daily. If there is any needs in our community it’s prayers!!! Most businesses in the area just west of us is under water as well as homes, but we continue to pray that the water continues to lower. Never in the history of the Arkansas river lock and dam system have they had to open ALL gates, now from Oklahoma down through Dardenelle, Arkansas the river is at full release of all flood gates, yet the water is still very high. Again, if anyone wants to help out , please pray for these businesses and families who are on higher ground. There have been critters looking for higher ground as well, it’s unusual to have bears and snakes, coons, possums, you name it come into the city areas but they are looking to get away from the water, This is something I will never forget! So a big thank you to the men and women working daily to keep our homes and businesses as well as roadways safe from all this water. Stay happy and blessed. Chat soon!!!!! xoxox Christy

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