Finding Your Passion Through Service

Have you ever taken time to notice how many days (and even months!) are dedicated to  “Awareness” for various causes? A quick google search will show you. September alone is the awareness month for 10 causes. It also houses 7 awareness weeks and 6 awareness days. And that’s just one month of the year! Causes range from various diseases and cancers to suicide prevention. There’s awareness for sexual health, heart health, cholesterol, and alcohol and drug addiction among others.

When looking at this calendar, I found myself beginning to get slightly overwhelmed. With so many causes, non-profits, and service opportunities, it calls the attention to how much help others need. It can feel daunting and sad to know that so many people are in need.

So, how can I help?

The first thing to remember- whether you’re new to finding your passion in serving others or you’re a seasoned veteran in the non-profit and community service world- is to serve with a pure heart. What does this mean exactly? Well, service is quite literally ‘the action of helping or doing work for someone’ and serving with a pure heart means you’ve set your intention as such. No recompense of reward, no expectation of a return for your labors.

When we begin serving others with no expectations in return, we bring a value to humanity. It’s looking beyond ourselves, improving our circles and communities, and there is so much beauty in that!

So, although the task can seem daunting and you may not know where to start, I would encourage you to serve others. Look to those close to you and see who may need help. Reach out to neighbors, local schools, our first responders, hospitals, long-term care and geriatric facilities. Right now especially, everyone could use a little more kindness, love, and compassion. Along the way, I promise you that you’ll find people who touch your heart. And I have no doubt you will touch theirs, too!


In love and service,

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