First week of Summer and it’s Go-Go-GO!

2021 OK NAM

June 14: It’s been two weeks now since my busy summer season started and oh what an adventure it’s been. It’s the season of “The Traveling Sash!” and we have been super busy! In the first day days alone I traveled from Baton Rouge to Tulsa to Houston and back to Baton Rouge. That’s a grand total of 2013.6 miles in the firsts seven days! I had the opportunity to travel to Oklahoma National American Miss state pageant to support my coaching client, Dayann (aka “Pinkie”) at her first competition under my wing. I loved being able to chat with so many new people as I had never attended a pageant in Oklahoma before AND it was an added perk to chat with them about the American Coronet Pageant organization! The sash speaks for itself – it’s beautiful and everyone took notice! 

2021 OK NAM
Making an appearance in Tulsa for the OK NAM state pageant.

I was able to spend four days in Tulsa surrounded by positive pageant people who all shared in the same ideal of service and confidence building in young girls and women across the globe. It was truly an exciting way to conclude the weekend by seeing Pinkie won 1RU in Art Contest, Best Thank you Note and Heart of Service BUT the best was when she was called out TOP 5 and placed 4RU overall! She is now headed to Orlando for the national finals of National American Miss over Thanksgiving week! 

June 6 started out bright and early to spend some time with other OK clients who powered through an exhausting three hour rehearsal for their July competition in Branson at Princess of America. Caira & Carys worked hard on their modeling, interview, on-stage speaking, and mental game. Though tiny but mighty, these two sisters are nearing perfection as their competition draws closer! 

OK NAM Appearance
Getting a photo with sister queens: Caira & Carys from POA pageant system

From Tulsa, I traveled 8 hours south to Houston, TX, to meet with my next group of clients. Of course I had to stop at the TX-OK state line for pictures! I sadly did not get pics on the OK side BUT my pageant pics on-site will suffice for that! It was quite fun watching the rest of the travelers stop and observe this solo girl and her tripod fight the wind and snap selfies with an automated timer on the camera! The wind kept blowing my hair in my face and kept blowing the tripod over and I wish I had THAT on video because I am sure it was hilarious! But after 15 mins, I finally got a few good pics and called it a wrap! 

TX-OK State Border
Selfie’s at the TX-OK State Border
TX-OK State Border
Selfie’s at the TX-OK State Border

Back in Texas, I was able to help promote heart health with the American Heart of Beauty Association by giving small talks on healthy food choices and getting physically active to promote a healthy lifestyle. Though super hot, it was great to work up a sweat and get my heart healthier! I also had a chance to help promote the BRAVE platform for the Miss High School America organization. We had the opportunity to have discussion on why people bully others and how to break up situations that could escalate into something more. We shared facts and strategies on how we can educate and help our youth stay respectful and show kindness everyday.

BRAVE Promos
Talking about Bullying Prevention


After a full day of coaching and service, I head the final stretch home to Baton Rouge for a good night’s sleep before the next week kicked off. 

Week 1 Miles Traveled = 2013.6
Week 1 Service hours = 12

Stay tuned for the second week wrap up of “The Traveling Sash!” here on the Royalty blog!

Thanks for reading!
– Erin Husbands, 2022 Mrs. American Coronet

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