Giving back while staying away

Giving back while staying away
It is no secret that social distancing has helped slow the curve of the carona virus. Some may see social distancing as a hubderance to thier crown and thier title as they can’t serve as they wish they could. However, I see it as a way to think diffrently, to reach people in a diffrent way. As someone who has been involved with many charities that deal with thise who have compromised immune systems I am used to finding diffrnrt ways to help people ans to make sure they don’t feel alone. I have been in the hospital before and i know how lonely and scary it can be, especially now since visitors are prohibited. Many charities in general, such as the Ronald McDonald home don’t accept books that arent sealed as thry can spread germs and that was before the Covid-19 pandameic. However, one thing I love to do is to do lives and recordings of books. These are virtual electronic and can be shared with as many people as possible. It allows everyone regardless of health to conntect with eachother and remind people that they are not alone. Books in the best of times can transport us to another place. We can see the deserts of the sararha be a captain of a starship or sail a far away sea with talking animals. It can provide comfort and give a distraction as they are awaitng tests and treatments.
Another thing I love to do is to create birthday videos wishing those who have, a happy birthday, this can help share the love and let them know they are not alone even if they had felt like it.
While we may not be able to reach out and touch eachother physically with a hug or to hold thier hand rhat doesn’t mean we cant touch one another’s soul and provide strength, care and comfort.
I wish you and your family the best of health!

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