Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day to respect and honor those brave men and women who died in service to our country.  

My friend, Major Brent Taylor, was serving in Afghanistan when he was killed in 2018 leaving behind a beautiful wife and their seven young children. Brent’s life was dedicated to serving God, Family, and Country. He was also serving as mayor here in Northern Utah at the time of his deployment. I had the opportunity to serve with him at a few special events before he deployed. I will forever be grateful to him and honor him for making the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. 

Today I had the opportunity to support Operation Hero as they honored Utah’s fallen service members, each boot represents a service member who has died in service since 2001. I also got to my Geli a retired war dog. She served 4 years as a drug dog in Kuwait. Her handler told me that each war dog saves thousands of lives during their service. 

As you celebrate with family and friends this weekend please take time to remember why we have this holiday. Reflect on the sacrifice our beloved service members have made as well as the spouses, children, parents, friends, and comrades left behind who miss them each and every day.

Love, Tara

Ms. American Coronet


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