Happy New Year to YOU!

The new year kicked off with the traveling sash heading back to Orlando for MEUSA. We had such a fun time with this group of ladies who worked tirelessly promoting eco advocacy and educating their communities to do better for our planet. Though we were faced with many obstacles this competition, we definitely learned to be each other’s support system, now more than ever! However, we did spend time at Universal Studios and Magic Kingdom where we got pixie dust, made memories, and laughed A LOT! My favorite part of this trip was watching how the deeply-rooted bonds of friendships expand so very wide. So many times we ran into old pageant friends and those we have competed with before and the girls fell right into step with each other like no time had passed at all. This is the best part of pageantry. Whether your pageant experiences are virtual or in-person, I’m sure you have made some great friends along the way. That is also what ACP offers to the girls and families who became involved with this amazing organization. ACP offers an opportunity for girls and women to still be involved with pageants no matter their access to resources, abilities, time, and talents. ACP offers a chance for girls and women to network, support each other and learn alongside each other. Though one set of queens are named “National Royalty”, they treat all delegates as special queens. So if you have ever wanted to try something new like a virtual pageant, this is your time. If you’ve tried before competing for this title, then don’t give up because one day it will be your time. You must continue to believe in WHO you are, WHAT you offer, and WHY you are competing. You have to learn to be unapologetically yourself because in the end, no one is you. So, let’s come together and support each other and help find those who have yet found their own tribe. Let’s welcome them into ours and let’s lift them up so that they can also soar to new heights. 

Thanks for reading!
– Erin Husbands, 2022 Mrs. American Coronet

Facebook: Erin Husbands
IG / Twitter: @erinhusbands


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