Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Sarah Skratulia                                                                                                                 Christine McBryan

I would like to take a moment to give a special thanks to teachers around the world. I’m grateful to have had so many great teachers in my life who made learning truly enjoyable and interesting. Though we are all going through a strange and difficult time, teachers are still striving in the best way possible to give their students a great education and help their students further their educational growth. I’d like to give an extra special thanks to my dear friends Sarah Skratulia and Christine McBryan, two of the most wonderful teachers I know. These lovely ladies are smart, strong, courageous, and kind, who always put their students first and love to inspire joy and creativity in those around them. I am very lucky to have them both as friends.


Do you have any teachers in your life who inspire you? Remind them that you appreciate them and the work that they do, kind words go a long way in showing others how much you care.


I hope you all have a wonderful week. Please stay safe and take care,


Cherie Poolsiri, Ms. Washington AC

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