Help and Save the Turtles!

Last month, my mom and I came across some information about the Sea Turtle Conservancy and saw that you can buy a bracelet and sponsor the funds for turtles that have been injured or sick, taken in, raised to good health and then track them when they are released back into the ocean! Something you should know about me if you don’t already is that I love all animals and wildlife so I wanted to do this! A few years ago, my family went to visit other family in Florida and we went to a Marine Wildlife Conservancy that helped all types of sea animals get better to be able to go back into their natural habitat. I was shocked to see that some animals, specifically turtles had a lot of trash like plastic and fishing line stuck in their intestines and around their bodies. My turtle, “Yamato,” was carrying her eggs and suffered from a boat strike injury that left her partially paralyzed. After three months of rehabilitation, she was released at Spanish River Park, Florida and all of her eggs were successfully hatched!

If you would like to help out a turtle or the Sea Turtle Conservancy, you can go to and you will be sent a beautiful bracelet and a card with your own personal turtle you can learn about and track!

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