I Remember When…

Today is April 30, the final day for us State Queens to submit our entries. Judging begins tomorrow! Where did this year go? I remember when I first decided to enter the Miss American Coronet Pageant in the Spring of 2018. I saw that the Early Bird Special was going on and that ladies were beginning to enter. I quickly filled out the online entry form to enter. I felt immediately so happy, excited, thrilled deep inside. I didn’t fully realize how much I wanted this until I took that first step. I’m so glad I didn’t take the time to talk myself out of it. I have been Ms. Classic Texas American Coronet for a year. And what a fabulous, unforgettable year it has been! Iv had a wonderful experience with the Miss American Coronet Pageant, as a state queen. Life’s just better when you’re queen! 🙂

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