It’s almost time! Are you excited?

Hello ACP family and contestants,

We’re a day away from choosing a new American Coronet court! How exciting! I wish you all the best of luck.

I wanted to say that my reign as Ms. American Coronet was awesome, despite the current pandemic. Sometimes life throws us curveballs but we all have the strength within us to get through it and move on with poise and grace. Though we may have been limited in the events and functions we wanted to participate in, I see that the situation didn’t stop us from making the best of things and finding ways to help despite that. I was still able to raise money for the charities that are dear to my heart ( and I was still able to spread awareness for my platform as well as work toward my Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, I graduate this summer! I will be moving on toward’s my Bachelor’s Degree, which is just the precursor to earning my MBA! I’m so excited, and I am so honored to have the chance to participate in this wonderful pageant system. Although I am passing the crown on to the next national queen, I will be forever grateful and happy to be part of the American Coronet Family. I will still blog, and post words of encouragement for you all. You are all truly an inspiration to your communities and to the world!

It has been such an honor to hold the title of Ms. American Coronet, but it has been an even bigger honor to be your sister queen.

Much love to all of you, you are all queens to me!

Cherie Poolsiri

Ms. American Coronet


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