Join me this Halloween week!

Hello Everyone!!
I hope your fall is going well!

With Halloween approaching I wanted to invite you all to do a few things with me:

1)Give extra Halloween Candy to shelters/women shelters and food pantries. Not everyone looks like they need assistance but people do and sometimes all it takes is something sweet to make them smile.

2)Donate Candy to soliders! This can be for those overseas, in local vets hospital or veterans resting homes.

3) If you plan to give out/leave out candy have some sugar free and nut free options for those with diabetes or allergies. Its a simple gesture that can really make someone’s day!

When donating Make sure you find out about restrictions in place due to covid and flu. How? Give them a call. It’s a perfect way to build up the confidence of anyone regardless of age is by having them get on the phone themselves. If you dont have a phone number for an outreach person call ahead of time and let then know your child wants to know eho they speak to to find out about donations and get a direct line/ext and call them back

If you still want to donate to America Cancer Society or join my team (I’ll be reviving it next year as well) you can do so by going to the address below


<span;>And lastley I hope you all join me and pageant families around the the USA+ by participating in Miracle Treat Day on October 28th! ”  learn more at DQ. You can help give back, get a sweet treat and hold ice cream upside down!

Hope you all stay happy and healthy 

Miss American Coronet

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