Judging Portfolio

For state royalty competing in May 2021
2022 State Royalty – Your Portfolios are coming Summer 2021

We recommend that you keep a draft or copy of anything you submit as a backup in case of a dropped connection or technical issue.  You may use the text editors exclusively as it accepts rich text formatting, but you may also attach supporting images and/or documents.  If uploading documents, we recommend a compressed PDF as they are most-friendly for judges.  The uploader also accepts images and even .mp3 files.  You may return to edit or add to your portfolio anytime through April 30th. If you need any help, email info@missamericancoronet.com.  Editing will be turned off on May 1st when judging links are sent to our judges.

★ You can use our sample résumé (click here to open in a new tab).  Copy (ctrl-C or ⌘-C) and paste (ctrl-V or ⌘-V).
★ Think Quality over Quantity for images and other attachments.  It’s better to include a favorite photo that best represents an experience over a collection of photos.
★ Even after you submit your portfolio, you may come back and make edits through April 30th.  At 12am central time on May 1st, edits will close.
★ Keep a back-up on your computer or in a cloud service like Google Drive just in case.  You can copy and paste text from your copy.  If you loose your connection on your end or ours (things happen!), you’ll avoid a lot of frustration.
★ You can quickly navigate to a section using the numbers above.
★ Embed a YouTube video by simply pasting the URL/link of the YouTube video. It will automatically be included!
★ View our Sample Contestant’s Portfolio for an example (click here to open in a new tab).
★ Use the links below to quickly access resources.
★ Be sure to spell check.