Keeping social media in perspective

People are using social media more now than ever. And while browsing it can be easy to see others lives and think they are living a life that is more glamorous than yours. Thier lives may look more exciting, fun comfortable and chic. Sometimes people also exaggerate om social media, they can lie, they can be misleading and do it on purpose or do it by mistake or not, they can use filters, people can do just about anyting online. And as a result it can make thier lives seem more glamorous than yours and it could leave you thinking why can’t my life be like that?
But you should remember one thing: you shouldn’t  compare your behind the scenes to other people’s highlight reels. Because that is what you are seeing- other people’s highlights. A lot of people dont post thier dirty dishes and thier ill fitting clothes or thier bad hair days. People can post content to edit thier narrative to how they wished to be perceived online. But just remember that doesn’t mean they are perfect and I would bet that thier behind the scenes is just like yours. If you are feeling down or depressed make sure to reach out to your doctor, they can help. So keep your head up, be strong and remember we are all in this together!

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