Kindness Rocks

While we here in the Old Line State are doing well. It is still hard to get out and volunteer during the pandemic and most of our local events have been canceled due to the pandemic but fear not there are still ways to spread love and kindness in our communities. A friend and I painted some kindness rocks and spread them around our community. For those of you who may be unaware a kindness rocks are painted rocks you hide in plain sight for others to find and brighten there day. Hopefully these little tokens of love and kindness are found and someone enjoys them.

With Love

Amber Haight Miss Old Line State 2021

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  1. I love this idea! When I lived in Colorado, I was always finding these on the sides of the trails I hiked!

    Yes, it is hard to perform acts of kindness during the pandemic, but you have found a beautiful way to do it!

  2. Hi Amber,

    What a sweet and lovely idea! This is truly a creative way to spread love and kindness. Thank you for sharing, and stay safe.

    Much Love,

    Cherie Poolsiri
    Ms. American Coronet