Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Today, January 9th, is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. I think it is incredibly important to be very appreciative of our law enforcement agencies that go above and beyond to make sure we are safe. Lately, the media has not been portraying these officers and people in a kind light.  As with every profession, you are going to have people that are not exemplary in their work ethics. However, the majority of these officers are amazing. They are selfless, give up their family time and free time, to make sure that we can enjoy our time with our friends and family, knowing that no harm will come to us.

I have had the extreme fortune to have a woman I can call my second mom as an example of what it means to be a police officer.. She is an officer with one of the local police departments in my area, she will be celebrating 25 years on the force in March. It is not a glamours job, it can be tedious. At times, she is subjected to ridicule, she has been cursed out, spit upon, etc all while just doing her job. She has missed family functions due to having to work, Christmases, New Years Eve and many other holidays that most people are home celebrating with their families and friends.. not to mention the missed vacations.. Just so we can enjoy ourselves in peace and safety.. But she does it without complaint.. She is amazing.

These are the men and women out in the streets late at night, making sure your children get home safely.. These are the men and women who you call when there is a problem.. I think these people deserve more than just a “day” to be appreciative.  It isn’t far off the mark to say that you owe your life to these people.  A day to say thank you doesn’t seem to be enough. I believe we all need to stop and think about who we are going to call if we are the victim of a crime? Who is going to be the one that shows up if we are in an accident to let us know it will be alright?  These men and women deserve more than one day, we should be appreciative to them 365 days a year..

So, to all the men and women who are out there, selflessly making our lives better, I offer you all a very sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU. You are all so appreciated more than you will ever know..

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