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For those of you who didn’t know, I am an ambassador for Hotworx which is a sauna workout built around isometrics. You can workout in a hot box training in Yoga, Pilates, Core, Warrior, Iso, Buns, Bands, Barre None, Rowing and Cycling. In 2019, I started training for Elite Miss Earth USA and Hotworx was a national sponsor, giving the delegates a chance to attend for free! Ever since, I kept going and even won a social media contest for winning “Hotworx at Home.” In 2020, I was even featured on the national social media as Member of the Month. Ever since I started training, I found a love for healthy eating and lifestyle. Besides my “Save the World” platform, fitness could be considered as my second. I work with girls across the country to help them find an activity that gets them active. Whether it’s rock wall climbing, tennis, swimming, yoga, dance, soccer, etc, I encourage them to find a new hobby that could become a passion to help give them new goals to set and find a new way to be active and healthy! So now, I challenge you to find a new activity that gets your heart pumping while learning to live and love a healthier lifestyle.

Erin at Hotworx


  1. Change your snack choices. Skip the sugar or opt for fruit instead! You can also cut out the sugar sodas.
  2. Watch for high-fat foods. Try low-fat or no-fat options.
  3. Protein bars are great substitutes to fill those afternoon snack craving also!
  4. Take a walk around your community instead of watching TV. Or take your pet for a walk and bring your earbuds to discover new music along the way.
  5. Try bike riding or jogging to close locations to your home.
  6. Try a weights challenge and you’ll see gradually how much you will increase the amount you lift.
  7. You can also get some weights and follow along with YouTube. There are TONS of workout videos online!

Make sure you consult a doctor before starting physical activity just to make sure you are good to go! Go at your own pace and don’t over push yourself but do push yourself to gain strength and abilities! It’s a fine balance! Just remember that you should love the skin you’re in and do this for YOU! You don’t have to be “the perfect size” or have “the perfect look.” Those ideas of “perfect” do NOT exist!  

To learn more about Hotworx, check out these three videos
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Thanks for reading!
– Erin Husbands, 2022 Mrs. American Coronet

Facebook: Erin Husbands
IG / Twitter: @erinhusbands

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