Looking Forward to 2020!

The new shipments of poinsettias at the post commissary must mean the end of another year is near. Our military move back to Kansas went pretty much without a hitch, and we pray our house back in NC sells quickly. I received today a shipment of my books which i will be getting to people who want a copy. It has been purchased by the Army War College, Duke University, some libraries etc, and I shall be sending my updated edition soon. In 2020 my goal is to get it made into a screenplay edition. I also hope to switch gears a bit from writing (and living in, it feels like) about the 1800s to a more modern world! Representing Kansas would be a fresh start, and adding my own platform, animal issues, will hopefully go along with the new federal laws against animal abuse. Plans next year involve travel, both US and international, so who knows, maybe I can promote the issues there as well. But for now, I’m just dreading, er, planning my fast-approaching birthday.

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