Loving and Serving My Family


Family means the world to me and my whole family is super close, so serving my family is something I actually do on a regular basis. Cooking and baking is one of my passions and hobbies so I absolutely love and enjoy doing that for my family, friends and those whoever might be in need. Throughout my life, my family has endured many hardships but with strong faith and love, we always get through those tough times together as a family. I love surprising others and family members with baked goods, meals or cards to let them know that I am thinking of them. The joy and gratitude that I see on their faces is such a great feeling. Being there, serving your family and doing random acts of kindness to help is so important and I feel like everyone should do this on a regular basis. With everything that is happening right now, it is the perfect time to help family members out or do something nice for them. I chose to make some peanut butter cookies today and have packaged some up for loved ones, but was short a few when my dad came down and stole some when I wasn’t looking! Hopefully you make some homemade cookies or a homemade card for your family or anyone you love and care about!

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