Make A Pageant Memory Quilt!

I’ve been working on my Pageant Memory Quilt Project. I sewed it using my pageant sashes and pageant t-shirts. It’s a great way to showcase our achievements and to keep all of our sashes, t-shirts and pins in one beautiful keepsake.

To make mine, I cut my 25 pageant sashes to the same length, about 2 feet long, making sure to keep all lettering and motifs within the areas I used. It’s not easy to cut up a beloved sash and t-shirts, things that’s meant so much to us pageant queens. But it’s worth it. You could cut away some backing and bulk from your sashes, but I kept mine intact and zig zag stitched them together. I added black borders between each pageant section. I sewed simple checkerboard borders on each long edge of my quilt. Be careful when ironing your seams and appliques because most sashes are made of satiny polyester fabric that can burn if ironed. I finished my quilt top today. The next step will be to layer it with batting and backing fabric. Then I can begin hand-quilting it. These pageant quilts are heavy and are best displayed on a wall rather than used on a bed. Be sure to keep your keepsake quilt away from sunny windows, so it wont fade and discolor.

This has been a fun meaningful project for me. I have enjoyed reliving all of my happy pageant days, as I created this memory quilt, knowing that it holds my special memories and will be an heirloom to treasure always.

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    1. Thank you Addison! Getting your first pageant sash is so exciting. I hope you’ll get many more someday. ?

  1. This is such a good idea! I am so glad you posted this. I have many sashes that just sit in the closet and this would. Be a great way to showcase them in a different way! Thanks!

    1. Hi Ashley. Thank you so much. I hope you do decide to make your own pageant memory quilt. I’m so excited about mine. ?

    1. Thanks Leah. I encourage every queen to make a memory quilt one day. Maybe once they’ve finished competing, so every sash can be included. I’m excited about mine. ?