Meet Mrs. Maine American Coronet 2019-20 Shawn Cunningham

Leadership, Community Service and Volunteerism are the principles Mrs. Maine American Coronet Shawn Cunningham continues to instill in the countless numbers of people she has encountered over the last twenty years as a community servant leader. Through her service activities and a public speaking tour promoting her platform “The Business of Service” Shawn continues to the message that “Service Leads to Success” and that it is through leadership and service individuals CAN make a difference…and empower themselves, their communities and subsequently America to change toward the better! Shawn has recently become the brand ambassador of a new expanded platform called Pathways to Success…identifying pillars and character traits that can enable people to tap into their personal power and potential. Shawn is thrilled to be the new Mrs. Maine AC 2019-2020 and promoting her initiatives both on the state and national level.

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