More Ways To Help

As we moved some furniture up to the attic, and went through boxes looking for other things, I had an idea for helping people while this is going on. Seniors in assisted living homes can’t have visitors or go on scheduled trips. We gathered some DVDs and piles of books, and delivered them to a home nearby. It’s something that may help, most of these facilities have community rooms with TVs, or they have TVs in their private rooms. I’m going to start going through magazines as well. I have a large vintage magazine collection, and I’m sure many of those people would love to look through those that I’ll donate and relive the days of movie stars and glamour. These are all items that can be wiped with a Clorox wipe or even have a light spray of Lysol before passing them out. 

Many animal shelters are having problems. Ours on Ft Leavenworth is open and I still do my weekly dinner/litter box duty. Consider volunteering at those that are open, or foster for a while until this subsides. People don’t realize that someone has to feed and water those animals several times each day.

Don’t forget to order takeout occasionally from local restaurants. They are facing bankruptcy from coast to coast from this. They still have bills to pay, food that will go bad if not cooked, etc.

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