Ms. Classic Texas 2021

Today this arrived! I was so excited opening the box. Looking forward to an incredible year.

Rhonda Davis, MSW, MSCJ

Ms. Classic Texas 2021

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  1. Hello Rhonda,

    Welcome to the ACP sisterhood, it is an honor to have you as a sister queen. I hope you enjoy your reign as Ms. Classic Texas, I’m sure that your community appreciates the work that you do. I look forward to hearing about your wonderful adventures as an ACP queen!

    With much love and respect,

    Cherie Poolsiri
    Ms. American Coronet

    1. Thank you, Cherie. I am very excited about the upcoming year. Competing virtually is a new experience for me, but I love what ACP represents. I’m honored to be a part of the sisterhood and am looking forward to getting to know my sister queens.

      Rhonda Davis, MSW,MSCJ
      Ms Classic Texas