My Moment

It’s  been a bit over a week and I’m  still in shock and awe. I’ve  been trying to find the words to describe  it, to show my appreciation to the judges, Kristen and my other pageants sisters. And I realized there  were no words. When I opened up the email my hands were shaking and I read fast. The only words in my head were ‘OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG’  followed by “….” when I keep trying to put my feelings into words on how it felt/feels. I realized I had more emotions than words and I couldn’t even put my emotions into words but I realized I don’t  need to put the words into a conventional blog so I tried  a diffrent way;
A poem entitled

More than ….
Four dots
Four dots to hold the silence
Seem the fill the void of words when emotions  take the place of sounds
“….” seem to be all that can come out
Hands to the face
Mouth drops open.
I can’t  seem to muster a scream or a cry or even breathe but  a gasp
“….” seem to somehow be the only words, the only things that somehow come out of me

But I do agree with my sister queens about the sash and crown. I literally gasped when I saw the crown.
It is such a blessing and an honor to be chosen this year and I look foward to this comming year as your Miss American Coronet!

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