National Competition: We are all Queens

Competition. The very word itself conjures images of winners and loser when in fact there are no loser in competition. Why? Because we learn about ourselves, our strengths and future strengths, or as some call it weaknesses. But it is not a weakness to have weaknesses as it gives us something to strive towards. To me comptition isn’t about being better than someone else  but it is about doing my best and doing better than I did last time  I compeated because I  strive to always better myself and to learn from my last competition win, or lose.

I have learned many things through pageantry but one I wish to convay right now is is that every Queen is just that, a Queen. Every title holder is a title holder and regardless if we have the word national in front of Queen or titleholder we have an impact nation wide and in todays society of social media and these online blogs that anyone actoss the globe can read means that our impact is also world wide. As Queens we have a unique ability to bring people stuggles to light to take our platforms and to bring awareness to them. We can inspire people and make them smile and that to me makes us all winners. There is nothing like the smile you see on someone who is ill as you walk in a room with a sash and crown just spend time with them, read to them, comfort them, to let them know someone cares because sometimes people don’t have large families to visit all the time. Service is a true gift that pageants gives because we can use our titles to do so much good for so many people and bring awareness to so many worthy organizations.

So as we wait to find out the results of nationals I consider myself lucky and honored to be in consideration for the national title alongside so many amazing, beautiful, talented, intelligent, thoughtful and inspiring women. I do not envy the judges as they have so many  contestants to choose from. While I do hope I win the title Miss American Coronet I am honored to have held the New York title and represent the great people of New York State.

To our National Coordinator, Kristen Edwards, thank you for your kindess, your emails, the packages and everything else you do for us, your Queens.

To everyone involved in Miss American Coronet I wish you all the hardiest of health and for the sun to always shine on your face.

I would like to leave one last note to my fellow title holders: We are all queens, we are all winners and most importantly of all we are all and will always be pageant sisters ❤


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