National Doctors Day: Thank You!

I hope and pray that everyone is staying safe out there at the moment! With everything going on, I didn’t realize that yesterday was National Doctors Day and with me going into the medical field as a Physician Assistant and what the world is facing right now, I feel that it is so important to thank and acknowledge all of the wonderful and amazing doctors in the world right now. They are truly unseen heroes and save lives everyday! This picture was me last semester shadowing a cardiologist and performing pacemaker surgeries. Though I’m going into cardiology and not respiratory, I still have studied and have high respect for the individuals that I know working the front lines of this pandemic. Anyone in the medical field are the real “Supermen” and “Superwomen” in the world. With going into medical, it’s an extremely tough job but helping people feel better and make happier is the most rewarding process you can experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you to my fellow doctors, medical professionals and workers and to everyone in the medical field always working everyday to make this world healthier and happier!

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