National Pageant Day!



Today is National Pageant Day! I was five years-old when I competed in my first pageant and it completely changed my world. I was so blessed to receive my title as Little Miss and it was so much fun traveling around Northern Michigan and representing my community by promoting our town and hometown festival. When you hear your name being called for a title you have worked so hard for is so rewarding!

Pageants are powerful and can teach you so many life lessons. From being on stage and performing talents and on-stage interviews, it has taught me to feel so much more confident in my skin whenever I have to make a presentation in class or talk to new people. From wearing evening gowns, it teaches you to be more confident, poise and to carry yourself well. From being in interviews since the age of five, it has taught me how to enunciate and speak clearly for school scholarship interviews and job interviews that I have applied for in the medical field.

One important lesson that pageants have taught me is that you win some and lose some. It hurts to work so hard and not achieve a title that you dream about, but when this happens to me, it gives me fuel to work harder and practice more for the next time. When you start applying for jobs after you graduate from college, you are going to be told “no” more than yes, so you have to keep using that fuel to study and practice more for the next job.

Pageants have had such a positive influence on my life and I am so thankful for all of the lessons that they have given along the way. Every title that I have received has given me opportunities to meet and talk to incredible people that inspire me to this day. It has allowed me to make new sister queen friends and those friendships last forever. With titles that I have received, I have gotten to travel to Washington D.C., and all over my home state of Michigan. I have been able to meet Miss America’s and have been able to experience once in a lifetime experiences that I will never forget. I am forever grateful for pageantry and for all of the lessons and experiences it has taught me along the way! (Remember: Always keep your head up so your crown doesn’t fall 🙂 )


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