National Pet Day: Adopt! Don’t Buy!

Happy National Pet Day! This is one of my three dogs, Patches. We rescued him after he was thrown out on to the streets and left alone in the heat of summer. He is the sweetest! I would like to address a reoccurring issue in the Pet World. ADOPT DON’T BUY!! Adopting a pet is so much better than buying. Buying a pet only profits one person (the seller), while adoption fees help aid the shelter take care of all their animals. Most of the time dogs from pet stores come from puppy mills, which are horrible places where animals are treated cruelly; if you purchase a dog, you are only help these puppy mills continue to abuse animals. Have studied this area before, I am very knowledgable about puppy mills/animal shelters. I am also a weekly volunteer for my local animal shelter. Animals have my heart, and I love to help in any way I can. That’s why I am here to say, please consider adoption before purchasing a pet from a breeder/pet store. Adoption is great for everyone involved. Not to mention, adoption fees are less than it would cost to purchase a pet. Pet stores and breeders charge $150-250 dollars per pet usually (cats and dogs mostly), meanwhile adoption fees range from $50-75. This is my one of my main platforms for service. I will continue to raise awareness about adoption, animal abuse, and supporting my local shelter. I hope everyone that has a pet out there is showing them some love!

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