National puppy day! Not sure if you can handle the responsibility of a pet? Here are some ideas in how you can figure it out and give back

National puppy day!
They say dogs are a person’s best friend.
National puppy day is a great time to talk about the responsibilities that come with animals, how you can help animals during the pandemic and the after effects.

Animals regardless if they are cats, dogs, miniature ponies, can give love and comfort. They can help be people’s eyes and even alert them to seizures. They also give companionship and get it in return. With many shelters closung ut is a great time to take in or foster an animal. Espeicsl with soical distiancing and isloating animals can help calm nerves and as i said procide companionship.
However, you also have to acknowledge the responsibilities that come with owning a pet. They are not an accessory to brought everywhere. They need water, food fresh airz heat and air conditioning when appropriate and the acknowledgment that it is not always appropriate to bring a pet everywhere.
Whenever I or my friends are tempted to bring any animal anywhere just to do it, I always remind people think of those around them first. As much as I love animals there are those who are extremely allergic and I have seen severe alergic reactions from animals including someone go into anaphylaxis from a dog that at first the owner tried to argue it was an emotional support dog but ended up admitting it wasn’t an emotional support dog but rather just a pet they didn’t want to leave in the car and bought a vest off of amazon, which is actually against the law in NY.
So before adpoting an animal it is important to know and understand the commit that comes with owning an animal including knowing when it is appropriate to bring an animal to a store or location, such as a movie theatres or even your local target and when it is not what steps you need to do to make sure the animals is properly cared for.
If you aren’t sure if you can handle the responsibility of adopting an animal a great way to see if you can is to foster a pet. Especially with shelters clpsing many animals need temporary homes. This can help you and the animal. You both recieve companionship during the isolation during the pandamic, a much needed home for the animal and you can see if you are a good pet owner and can handle the responsibility. Once shelters re-open and you are faced with the option of returning the animal back to the shelter, continuing to foster or adopt and you find you can’t handle the responsibility of adopting the animal or even continuing to foster a pet there is no shame in admiting that. There is no shame or fault in not being able to adopt or continuing to care for an animal. You had done an amazing thing by just fostering the animal while the shelters are closed. I hope during this time you and if you have pets continue to remain safe and healthy. If you do need to go out for food or medical reasons please make sure your animal is adequately cared for and remember as much as you would love to bring that pet into the store you also wpuldnt want to endager someone’s life. A animal is a huge responsibility and if you decide aftwr the pandmeic is over that you cannot continute to foster the animal don’t let anyone pressue you otherwise because you did what others didn’t and gave that animal a temporary home and you gave it love and friendship and you are doing both you and the animal a favor by admiting to the sheltee that you can’t be a forever home but a temporary home. If you find you love the animals and wish you could be a forever home you should consider volunteering at a shelter. You can give the love and companionship to the animals while they are awaiting a forever home and are in a place where you know tthey can be properly cared for. If you can only donate an hour or two a week it is an hour full of love an animal wouldn’t have otherwise.

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