Never Stop Taking Risks, Just Keep Reaching!

I have been a dancer for over 15 years of my life and this is one of my favorite pictures taken of me because it has so much meaning. Dance means the world to be and it is one of my favorite passions. Being in dance has taught me many life lessons, but the most important lesson I learned was to “take risks.” In dance, it meant taking the risk to learn something new or go to the front of the class instead of dancing in the back and always taking the risk to be confident to go on stage.

By learning to take risks in dance, I’ve learned to take risks in other aspects of my life, including pageantry. When I heard about the Miss American Coronet Pageant, I was a little nervous about entering because I have never entered an online pageant, but when I read and learned more about it and talked to Kristen (the wonderful National Coordinator) and to the lovely Queen Carla (Ms. Classic American Coronet), I knew that this organization and what it stands for was something I definitely wanted to go for and try. I am so happy and glad that I decided to run and represent my beautiful home state of Michigan in the Miss American Coronet organization because I am having so much fun volunteering and also helping others, especially during this critical time with my title and getting to know the other amazing queens, both state and nationally, and seeing what they are doing in their states and communities.

I am getting so excited for Nationals and I’m so glad that I took the risk of entering into this pageant organization! I hope you decide to take risks in your life too because you should never let the thought of failure stop you from reaching your dreams! ?

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