Today I helped volunteer with the local AMVETS post and helped distribute flags to grave sites of those who have served in the military. With Memorial Day coming up on Monday, I was very happy that I could help out with this as veterans and the military are such a big part of my life. With some help from other volunteers, we placed over 450 flags to those men and women who served. I feel that veterans are such important people and always put themselves first before anyone else so anytime I can help a veteran cause, I volunteer with my whole heart.

This is my first appearance as Miss American Coronet and I loved being able to share with others around my community what this program is about and share my love for volunteering. I will be sharing more for Memorial Day as it comes, but I am so thankful I was able to help out and volunteer with this on this beautiful Northern Michigan day!

Again, I feel so blessed and am so excited to serve as your Miss American Coronet!! 👑