Pass the Crown Challenge!

With national judging underway, we’d love to include as many state and national titleholders as possible in a “Pass the Crown” Challenge!

Here’s how to participate:

Take a “pass the crown” video and send it to us to link together into a American Coronet Sisterhood video!  Please videos by Sunday, May 10th to or send us a YouTube/Dropbox/Etc link.  Open to state and national queens!

Please follow these instructions to be included:
  • Take the video landscape/horizontally (like a TV screen, turn your phone sideways) as these videos post best to our media.  Use a high quality setting when recording and sending if possible.
  • With your crown in your hands, reach all the way out to your left, place the crown on your head, then “pass” your crown all the way out to your right.  Try to get your crown out of the frame at the beginning and end of your video (or at least close).
  • We can cut out extra time at the beginning or end of your video so when in doubt, leave extra time.
  • Please do not use filters.
  • Try to find a well-lit location like outside or facing a window.
  • American Coronet crowns/banners only.  We know not everyone has these and will offer more photo/video opportunities.


Tip: Natural light from a window is the most flattering.

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